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The manchurian port freight trains in central Europe has amounted to 460 columns
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Has learned from manzhouli town port office of Inner Mongolia, manchuria in 2014 ports, including "Sue with the" china-eu freight trains to reach 460, 37000 cases are shipped standard shipping container value 7 billion yuan, the number of trains which accounts for the "china-eu express" 50% of the total. At the end of June this year, inbound and outbound means of all kinds of trains has amounted to 252 columns, shipped standard container 21000 cases, trains for year-on-year growth of 30%. More than the opening of freight trains, not only reduces the cost of import and export goods, also let the "made in China" for more than a convenient way to Europe. TwQ international railway transportation _ _ central Asia transportation Russian railway transport _ _ international transportation of railway transportation between China and Russia _ _ five central Asian countries the railway transport of railway transportation in central Europe
"With the" starting point is a manufacturing centre in China suzhou, north ?

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