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Sea&Land Transportation
Land and sea transport: Sea transport is the main form of organization of international multimodal transport,
Namely (shipping + truck) transport. Mainly for export to Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan,
Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, etc.
Rail transport: Rail transport is the main form of organization of international multimodal
Transport, namely (shipping + rail) transport. Mainly used in China and East Asia, Southeast Asia by sea
To Russia Vostochny, Vladivostok railway transferred to the territory of Russia.
International multimodal transport characteristics:
1, the responsibility unified, simple procedures.
2, cost savings, reduce transportation costs.
3, to reduce intermediate links, shorten the time to improve the quality of transport.
4, raise the level of transport organization, transportation is more reasonable.
5, to achieve door-to-door transport
Advantage is reflected:
1, our company and national railway agency to maintain good cooperation, can get the best tariffs for the first time, ensure that
The shipping link can skillfully operate.
2, port facelift fast track information timely and accurate.
3, to provide one-stop services, including foreign trade agency, commodity inspection, customs clearance, warehousing and other related services to
Make your peace more peace of mind.